When harmony means excellence

Dolcemirto… the sweet from movie!


More than a sweet… History, tradition and dedication.
More than a dessert… A pleasure dedicated to ourselves!
More than what follows a meal… The joy to be together in harmony!
More than a flavour… it’s a symphony between taste and aroma!
More than a typical product… The love for a unique land: Sardinia!


A 7-year-research: firstly, trying to find the right product that could represent the Sardini-an culture and traditions in Italy and all around the world, and secondly, bringing to life a recipe in detail, where each ingredient could gently make its contribution by creating a symphony of taste and aroma.

Mirto is the main character with its berries and small leaves and it has strength and delicacy to give, all at the same time, a full and harmonious taste.

This touch of freshness satisfies taste and soul. Its peculiar colour between violet and periwinkle gives this unforgettable sweet a tender and unique look.

Lots of experience in the food industry,
passion for cooking,
a lot of love and respect for my land
are the ingredients of my motives to be.