I love my land

I love my land and its traditions, the wealth and the authenticity of its natural and culinary resources: treasures that deserve to be enhanced and brought to the whole world.

For years I had been looking for a taste, an expression of all the wonderful qualities offered by Sardinia.

I was looking for something that could bring to life the pleasure of tasting flavours, tradi-tions and meanings of my beloved land.

Studies and tests have made me create “Dolcemirto”, a sweet, an “interlude” and unique experience of taste.

I have worked in the food industry since 1980.

I have attended the best cooking schools and I have had lots of local and international ex-periences.

I ran a pizzeria with my family for ten years. Then I was engaged in catering and banquet-ing for more than 20 years, in which I had always met the needs of bars and restaurants, preparing unforgettable parties and public and private events.