Mirto & Dolcemirto

Mirto is a plant that spontaneously grows in the Mediterranean; Sardinia is its perfect habi-tat thanks to the sea breeze that embraces the coast every day. Mirto, in the mythological literature, was used to form the Venus’ crown, goddess of Love,...

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Dolcemirto at the movies

I wanted to make some tests with some colleague chefs and a confectioner before sealing the creation of my product; they confirmed the uniqueness of my dessert. Dolcemirto has conquered the taste and the heart of my friends and clients, too, and they...

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Dolcemirto cake

During a catering service for a wedding, and after many analyses both for the bride and the groom’s taste – as they decide upon the menu - and for the evaluation on the guests, I proposed the Dolcemirto cake. By seeing and feeling that perfumed layered...

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