Mirto is a plant that spontaneously grows in the Mediterranean; Sardinia is its perfect habi-tat thanks to the sea breeze that embraces the coast every day.

Mirto, in the mythological literature, was used to form the Venus’ crown, goddess of Love, following Paris’ judgement.

It is for this reason that mirto is considered a symbol of love and beauty since ancient times; still today, in some Anglo-Saxon countries, this plant is used in a propitiatory way during marriages.

Since Roman times the flowered-bush of mirto had been used as decoration for boule-vards and public streets.

During the Middle Ages the flower had been distilled by perfumers and the essence was called “the angels’ water”.

Mirto has several therapeutic properties: it is used against inflammation in the respiratory system, it is used as a strengthening action for the immune system, astringent for the in-testine, anti-haemorrhaging, and full of antioxidants with antimutagenic properties and cancer-fighting qualities.

Mirto is also known for its digestive, tonic, and antiseptic properties. It is full of flavanols that prevent the decline of neural processes, which may lead to diseases like Alzheimer or dementia.

Furthermore, the myricetin is inside the mirto; the properties of this compound make to keep a balance of cholesterol in the blood, this means preventing atherosclerosis and pro-tecting the cardiovascular system from coronary diseases and stroke.

Finally, the mirto liquor has been produced in Sardinia, as a century-old tradition. This product is known almost everywhere in the Island and it comes from the mature berries of the plant.

Mirto is a plant that is very important for our health…and more!

For many years I had been looking for a taste, a consistency: expression of all these mar-vellous qualities.

I was looking for something that could be healthier to people, but at the same time let them enjoy the pleasure of tasting flavours, traditions, and the meanings of my beloved Sardinia.

Studies and tests have made me create “Dolcemirto”, a sweet, an “interlude” and unique experience of taste.

Dolcemirto is unique due to its preparation; it doesn’t contain the mirto liquor, as happens in the typical Sardinian mirto-based sweets.

The exceptional nature of this sweet sets in the collection of the plant’s elements together with the natural basic food of the pastry-making.

I look forward to hosting you for a tasting!

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